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What is Energy Shifting?


The non-physical, including mental, emotional, and spiritual, elements of life have an effect on our well-being. Energy shifting is contingent upon the understanding of our energetic body as an interrelated aspect of our physical body in both a physical and metaphysical world. When we begin to heal an issue, we discover various influences at its cause; simultaneously, focusing on one issue clarifies and correlates to other problems a client may be experiencing. Energy shifting is an exhaustive healing process that rids a client of his or her symptoms permanently. Healing through energy shifting requires the client to accept responsibility for his or her own personal health. Enjoying the benefits of a balanced life depends on the level of effort a client is willing to put in to his or her healing process. Related circumstances or perceptions to a specific issue are brought to a client’s awareness, however, based on free will, the client has the power to choose whether or not to delve deeper into these associations. Awareness is the initial step of healing; once a connection is made, the client’s readiness to alchemize an old belief into an empowered truth depends on his or her level of openness to explore the subject.


When is it time to Energy Shift?

  • Negative emotions (Anger, Frustration, Irritability, Loneliness, Low Self-Esteem, Sadness, Judgement) hindering your true potential of happiness

  • Career plateau (Lack of recognition in workplace; Desire for raise or promotion; Desire to grow business; Demystify soul purpose)

  • Prosperity blockages (Difficulty receiving abundance; Poverty/Lack/Scarcity mindset)

  • Relationship complications (Unmet needs with partner; Desire for fulfilling relationship; Lack of communication; Lack of trust in partner)

  • Repeating old patterns (Lack of self-care habits;Dissatisfying romantic relationships; Unfulfilling jobs)

  • Family dynamics causing stress