Spend Your Energy Wisely

Take an objective yet perceptive look at where your energy flows during the week. Energize yourself by re-assessing your outlook on necessary tasks and transforming the mundane into the extraordinary. Lastly, reflect on additional activities that animate your soul. 


Flow with your Emotions

Take personal responsibility over the way you feel. When low-energy emotions are present, how can we get to the ‘why’ of an emotion and unravel its mystery? How can we become observers of our thoughts and reactions rather than victims to unpleasant circumstances? Learning to be with any and every feeling that arises is part of our human biological nature. We will have moments of self-doubt and anger as certainly as we have days of confidence and happiness.


Explore the definition of Manifestation from an introductory level and energetic standpoint. How are masculine and feminine energies aligned to assist us in creation? Add tools into your artillery for expanding your personal power and connecting to the Collective Conscience.