Living Life Intentionally

Living Life Intentionally


7-hour course on Thoughts Become Things, Empowering and Limiting Beliefs, Managing Emotions, Taking Action, Instincts, Building Trust, Life Purpose 

  • Developing new life perceptions and discovering old patterns of thought that limit our creation

  • Guidance into self-introspection; where you desire to take your life and how to get there; Workbook exercises for each chapter

  • Customized breathing techniques to quiet the mind

  • Provided: Worksheets, Gratitude journal,Beautiful stationary, Personalized Mantras, Gift box

  • FREE Health History Consultation if desired

  • Delivered over 7 weeks (50 min sessions); Full Day (9AM-4:30PM) healthy snacks & water included; Customized to schedule (2-day workshop or 4 week session)