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Founder Bio

My journey of self-awareness began while I was living in Melbourne, Australia. I transcended ‘normal’ life when I balanced fitness, bio-individual nutrition, and mindfulness. I taught myself how to tune into my body, pamper it with love, and breathe. My transformative experiences lead me down a path of questioning and into humbling realizations.

Wellness creates time for what really matters: enjoying every moment and being over doing. I met my Yogini, Sunni Gail Schafer, when I lived in New Orleans. Sunni showed me how to practice of the law of Manifestation; I experienced the power our minds have when we align our beliefs, emotions, and thoughts to that which we desire. The magic that we each have free access to is insurmountable to the tools we can get our hands on in the external world. I am immensely grateful to be my Highest Self and spread my understanding of our physical world.