What is Energy Shifting?

What is Energy Shifting?

Every thought, attitude, behavior, feeling, and desire is directly and indirectly influencing our relationship to the cosmos. We create perceptions and beliefs about people, places, and circumstances based on experiences. Every interaction with another person has influenced our version of truth. Truth is defined by the attention we give to a subject. Sometimes, our conscious focus may be clear but truths that are not our own are present in our energetic field, causing us to be a breath away from our desires. Healing ourselves from the inside is a process that requires courage. Long-term visions are attained with relentless consistency to bettering ourselves. While it may be easier and more pleasant to resist the shadow work, it ultimately liberates us. I trust the following paragraphs will introduce my curious readers to “Energy Shifting;” it is a brief overview on a vast subject and by no means comprehensive.


We are perpetually creating our realities from our emotions; sometimes we fall into a pattern of ‘scolding’ ourselves for feeling anything less than love, gratitude, and appreciation, judging our negative emotions as unjustified. Thoughts like “I know better than to feel this jealousy/rage/hurt” arise, believing that moments of weakness (aka negative emotions) are hindering our Manifestion power. While positivity is imperative for creating the life of our dreams, each emotion has its purpose. When we continue to ignore the cause of what bothers us, it shows up in various forms like negative emotions, physical ailments, and resurfaced old patterns. Energy shifting delves into the meaning of such emotions and exposes why they are vibrationally present within us.

When we listen to, rather than ignore, what a feeling wants to teach us, we can release its heaviness. We literally shift the energy out of our psyche and physical body. A client of mine came to me asking for help with her business. She had created a practice that she believed in heart and soul, but each time she needed to sit down to work, resistance settled in. She was perplexed as to why the simplest of tasks, responding to emails, filled her with dread. We began uncovering her underlying resistance through free association. After digging into what “career” signified in her upbringing and juxtaposing it to her truth of “career” now, through newfound awareness, we were able to remove old beliefs she carried that no longer served her. Ultimately, awareness of this dissonance, between my client’s intuitive understanding of career and the label that had been instilled upon her, lead to a deeper connection of past trauma.

Emotions are our guidance system; each person has emotions and behind every feeling are needs. The more we attune to the intention of each feeling, the more we can connect to each other with compassion.

“He liked to observe emotions; they were like red lanterns strung along the dark unknown of another’s personality, marking vulnerable points.” -Ayn Rand.  

Being Present

When we show up fully in the present moment, worries are nonexistent. Worry stems from either replaying past circumstances or lack of certainty for the future. Being in the here and now is fundamental to experiencing joy. Letting go of circumstances that haunt us releases us from recreating identical patterns at a later time. Completion with our past allows us to imbed new truths in the present and open ourselves to receive experiences that support a different chosen reality. Forward thinking, defining long-term desires, and visualizations are indispensable for intentional living and yet, when negative thoughts cloud our future, they project a dissatisfying outcome. Furthermore, disproportionally spending our time daydreaming versus handling what is occurring in this moment keeps us perpetually reaching instead of being. Returning our attention into appreciation of what is and taking inspired action from this moment is central to the power that exists within us. 

How do we be in the here and now if this moment presents a stressful situation? We influence our world through our reaction to what is happening. Living from the belief that the present is all we have releases us from the fantasies of a better one-day. I specifically use the term ‘fantasies’ because if we do not shift our current vibration to a situation, we cannot create anew from habitual feelings.  Due to the incredible amounts of stressors in our modern environment, most physical bodies are at heightened cortisol levels. Increased stress has unfavorable effects on the brain, making it difficult to think clearly and act rationally. As we learn to adapt and ‘breathe through situations’ we recognize our safety in every moment and begin to make decisions from a relaxed, not reactive state. Energy shifting addresses the power of presence and its subsequent effect on being vibrationally attuned to our Highest Self.