Release Perceptions of Lack

I extend my gratitude for us taking the time to explore the prevalence of competition and its implications in business. I offer a different perspective than the common dog-eat-dog approach. My following series of 2:10 Habit Hacks will be published this Sunday, June 3rd.  

I do not understand fear of competition. Threatened emotions reveal limitations rooted in misunderstanding Truth. Direct rivalry does not exist in the world and I encourage us to take a deeper look before writing this notion off as irrational. 

Competition thrives off comparing ourselves to others with an underlying belief of lack. Our planet sustains over seven billion humans across the world. No message is universally accepted. If you expect to be a people pleaser, I urge you switch paths and get a dog. Every concept is rejected by a minimum of one mind in the sea of millions more.

Gravity is the antithesis of my statement, is it not? A scientist at the American Museum of Natural History proposed to me in 2013 that what if, what if we got it wrong and really there is a force pushing down upon us rather than pulling centrally? My message is not to debate the accuracy of this statement but rather bring to light that there will always be controversy. Minds that do, however, resonate with an ideology are naturally drawn into those environments.

Competition rests on the notion that there is not enough: clients, ideas, originality, possibility. I argue this misperception; a clearly defined concept that creates value to others transcends competition. There is an abundance of consumers and organizations that require unique offerings and skills. Focusing on that individuality of purpose eliminates competition. As definitively as someone will oppose you, yet another and perhaps thousands more will agree with your being. Abundance, rather than lack, persists because we all search for different solutions to our unique struggles. One service or company cannot act as a One-Size-Fits-All. Therefore, a strong business service is bound to penetrate at least a minute percentage of the market.

In place of competition, what can we turn to? Collaboration. Giving to others without the need of direct return releases expectations and aligns us with abundance. Living by a scorecard limits us to an equation (input = output).  By disassociating our every act as the debt of another, we allow ourselves to experience our natural state of being- receiving more than giving. Receiving flows in a multitude of forms such as 'lucky' breaks, unexpected kindness, and delightful surprises. I do not imply giving less on the contrary, I encourage giving more and detaching from calculating immediate return.

Sharing resources, ideas, and assistance creates better services without diminishing the individual. A firm's offerings flourish despite the existence of similar companies by capitalizing on a specialty, or comparative advantage, only it can provide to the public. Defining that individuality forms a niche for delivering its goods. Consider the next time your mind questions an act with "What do I receive?" rewiring to innate trust that you will always gain in forms of infinite supply.